HEY SO I’m helpin out a friend (Who I actually owe money to for a commission) and I always wanted to try this!
I’m offering sketch commissions for 2 dollars a pop! That means 2 dollars per character! Got two characters? I can’t do the math for that, I’m sure its a bigger number than 2. We’ll get to that when the time comes…
Come join my stream!
Enter the stream and you can send me 2 dollars for what you want through paypal with a description with the payment or on the stream!



This is really humiliating, because money has been a consistent severe issue for me for the past couple years, and I am so sorry for asking for help, but I need to.

So my car was towed without warning and put in impound for the second time since moving here as I…

boost!!! help out if you can!!

  • Gamestop Customer: Do you have Mass Effect 3?
  • Me: *makes absolutely sure their copy has femshep on the cover*

Lovely aged vampire ladies, gimme’ gimme’ gimme’.

A quick sketch for rjbritton's cat, Normandy! :) This has been sitting in my hard drive for a while so I wanted to share it with you all!